What to do if you find a bunny or need to rehome a rabbit

Found a bunny online (Craigslist, Facebook, social media, etc.)?

If you spend time online, you will find many rabbits for sale or given away through online markets such as Craigslist or through social media. Sometimes the bunny may be in poor health, injured, offered as food, or the owner says they will euthanize.

After reading a listing, bunny lovers will often contact SaveABunny asking us to rescue or “do something.” Unfortunately, the reality is that as a volunteer-based organization, SaveABunny simply does not have the resources, volunteers, or the enormous amount of time it takes to perform this type of individual rescue. In addition, responding to the sheer volume of requests takes away valuable time needed to care for the 50 – 70 bunnies living at SaveABunny, running our adoption program, and rescuing bunnies within our mission –- those at the very highest risk for euthanasia in shelters around the Bay Area, California.

Here are the most effective ways to help a bunny found online

  1. Call or contact the person who listed the bunny and find out as much information as possible – name, address, condition of bunny (age, sex, fixed, reason for the posting, exact nature of any injuries or problems, presence of other rabbits). Without specific information, very little can be done.
  2. If the bunny is located near you, please consider becoming a hero by rescuing the bunny yourself, and either provide the bunny a forever home or find a nearby adopter by asking friends, family, and coworkers.
  3. If you suspect the bunny is being abused and the poster is in violation of local animal protection laws (you will need to research since laws vary widely from state to state), contact animal services in the geographic area closest to where the bunny is located. These offices are always extremely busy, so for the bunny’s sake please do your part – do not simply forward the listing to them, but do as much #1 as possible.
  4. Volunteer, foster, and adopt at your local shelter or rabbit rescue. The more people directly engaged in hands-on rescue work, the more rescue programs can be expanded and the more bunnies saved.
  5. If you cannot volunteer please consider making a donation of money or supplies to a rescue or shelter.

Found a stray or need to rehome a bunny in the Bay Area, California.

Contact your local Bay Area county shelter below.

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Marin County

Monterey County

Napa County

San Francisco County

San Mateo County

Santa Clara County

Santa Cruz County

Sonoma County

In California but outside the Bay Area

California law requires each county to maintain a shelter where animals can be surrendered. To find the nearest county shelter Google “<California County> Animal Shelters.”

Outside of California

Search for an animal shelter near you:

Found a nest of wild baby bunnies you think are orphaned

Maybe not! Before doing anything read this:

What is important to remember is that “rescue” extends beyond contacting someone else. Most rescues are volunteer based and funded by donations. It is very helpful for you to donate, foster, or volunteer. You are an integral part of the rescue solution, and the bunnies will thank you!