Hello there! I’m Tank!

But you may already know that thanks to my online celebrity and legions of fans! Or maybe you’ve seen me around in my Tank Mobile? I didn’t ask to be loved so much but I guess it’s hard to resist my big guy charms. I’m such a charmer in fact, that I’m a permanent member of the SaveABunny family, and I do outreach on behalf of big bunnies. Please check with my assistants for my schedule. 😉

June 21, 2016

Tank Tuesday!

May 24, 2016

Gotta fill up the tank for Tank Tuesday.

Tank is the SaveABunny mascot and permanent resident, but you can see more of him: Tank

September 29, 2015

Tank is SaveABunny‘s 15 lb mascot and spokesbun for Tuesdays! 
Hop this way for more Tank: Tank