Ting in her bed
  • Status: Sanctuary – Late Bloomers Club
  • Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
  • Location: SaveABunny

Oh hello there, my name is Ting. *wobble*

I was found as a young girl in the fall of 2014 wobbling my way towards the beach in San Francisco. I don’t remember how I got there, but in retrospect, realize it wasn’t such a good idea because I don’t like getting sand between my toes. Luckily a nice person was there to help and I eventually made my way to SaveABunny. I have a permanent neurological condition that causes me to always topple over and I’m not able to hop like other bunnies, but since I was born this way, this is my normal and I refuse to let a little wobbliness hold me back from living my best bunny life.

I originally joined the Late Bloomer Club as a junior member but after a while the bunnies got together and selected me Official Spokesbun of the group — I was surprised and gratified by their vote of confidence and am so determined to make them proud! The humans then gave me my very own day of the week and Wobble Wednesday was born. So each Wednesday I make an appearance on the SaveABunny Facebook page to represent the LBC and show the world that being different is okay. After all we’re all a little wobbly whether on the outside or on the inside, the important thing is to work with what you’ve got and do the best you can. Being a Spokesbun is a huge responsibility and I’m up for this important leadership role, except that instead of sitting at a big desk I hold forth from a donut bed (it helps prop me up).

When not in front of the camera I’m the busy proprietor of the Donut Bed Day Spa where bunnies can stop by for grooming services — the most popular is my rejuvenating eye wash and nose kiss treatment. I’m also a big flirt and all the boys have a crush on me (not to brag, but they simply can’t resist the way I wiggle my hips). Fergus is my main squeeze but Rock Lopster’s awfully cute!

Okay, wobbling off for now, see you next Wednesday!