Hi there! My name is Fergus and my brother, Fidget, and I were left in a box on the street in San Francisco and we’re each missing some limbs. Wipe your eyes though! Even though we’ve been through a lot, we really love snuggling with each other and we get around pretty well! We require extra care and love and we’re getting that here at SaveABunny so we’re sanctuary bunnies here.

October 10, 2022

Farewell little Fergus.

Fergus died early this morning due to complications from kidney failure. Marcy was with him at the vet as he snuggled close to a stuffy taken from the #LateBloomerClub living space so he could smell the scent of all his friends.

Fergus came to SaveABunny in July 2017 as a baby along with his brother, Fidget, after being found abandoned in a box in San Francisco. The baby brothers had terrible injuries — each missing a back foot and front paw from unknown causes. Neither was expected to survive but both had a strong will to live and with treatment started growing and thriving. Because of their ongoing and extensive medical needs they were never up for adoption, but instead lived next door to the Late Bloomer Club in their own little house.

After Fidget died from an infection, Marcy decided to see if Fergus wanted to become an LBC member and he instantly fit right in. This was in March 2020 right when the pandemic hit, and the FB community soon fell in love with him. Tipping the scales at a modest 1.75 lbs he was the smallest of the group by far but soon found his place as the self-appointed guardian and caretaker.

Fergus would go around making sure all the bunnies had everything they needed, lavishing all with kisses and always willing to groom everyone, even French lop Greyjoy whose ears were twice the size of Fergus’ body. Afterwards Fergus would tuck himself in underneath, his very own toasty warm ear blanket. Fergus was also one of Ting’s main squeezes, one of the few boys she allowed free in and out privileges of her donut bed, where they often could be found cuddling.

Over time Fergus grew little fur tufts on top of his head for the first time in his life. We think being an LBC member transformed him into a tiny lion head, protecting his pride and symbolizing his finding his place in the world. This summer he even taught himself how to stand up by carefully balancing on his leg stub and you could almost hear him roar as he sniffed the air for his favorite hay cookies.

Fergus had such a caring bunny heart and cheerful soul despite his ongoing physical and health challenges we were selfishly hoping he would spend more time with us before joining his brother on the other side, but take solace he lived a very big and very happy bunny life while he was here.

Goodbye Fergus, we all love you very much.

October 9, 2022

Fergus update for Sunday 10/9.

Fergus is weak, but perked up when Marcy visted him this afternoon, slowly eating 2 sprigs of parsley and a bite of banana. Last night the vet was able to get a catheter in so he could receive IV fluids, which is the only way for him to get enough fluid help do the work of his failing kidneys (subq fluids are not absorbed fast enough to do this). The IV is acting sort of like dialysis for him.

Fergus will spend another night at Veterinary Emergency Group being monitored around the clock to make sure his body temperature remains stable, then will be taken back to Chabot Vet in the morning where he’ll be re-examined and assessed.

October 8, 2022

Fergus health update.

As many of you know Fergus has been very sick since Wednesday, diagnosed with kidney failure (see previous post). This evening Marcy (SaveABunny director) drove him to Veterinary Emergency Group in San Ramon where he can receive round-the-clock care until Monday.

Healthwise Fergus’ kidney values are still dangerously high but improving slightly but his body temperature remains low at about 99F (normal rabbit temp is 101 – 103F, 38.3 – 39.4C). He’s in an incubator to help retain body heat and eating a tiny bit, but the vets are having a hard time finding a vein to insert a catheter so he can receive IV fluids (to continuously flush his kidneys).

Spirit-wise he definitely recognized Marcy, his favorite human, and got to spend a little while with fellow #LateBloomerClub member Oscar for bunny comfort. Marcy told him how much he is loved by so many people around the world and could tell that he felt it. Fergus is fighting to be here.

We are deeply grateful for the expert care of Dr. Neely, Dr. Luehman, and Dr. Harvey at Chabot Veterinary Clinic for the past 4 days and for the loan of an incubator to transport and house him. We also deeply appreciate the 24-7 care he’s currently receiving at the Veterinary Emergency Group. Marcy is assisting all she can and is spending the night in San Ramon to be near.

October 7, 2022

On #fergusfriday we’re sorry to share some upsetting news. On Wednesday morning Fergus was not himself, refusing even his favorite hay cookie. Within the hour he crashed and was rushed over to the rabbit savvy vets at Chabot Veterinary Clinic where they stabilized him with oxygen, IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds but soon diagnosed him with kidney failure.

Blood work, Xrays and an ultrasound revealed one kidney much smaller than the other (possibly born underdeveloped) and kidney circulation was cut off causing systemic infection and inflammation. There also appears to be digestive system issues, but it’s unknown what caused what.

Fergus is fighting to be here and is being very brave, but his prognosis is poor despite the very best veterinary care and our willingness to seek aggressive treatment. A complicating factor is that last time he had surgery he responded very poorly to anesthesia, so any type of surgical intervention (should it be warranted) is out of the question. He remains at the vets on oxygen, IV fluids and meds, and Oscar was able to visit him for a little while for moral support and that seemed to bring some comfort. Everyone loves Fergus very much — the tiny 1.75lb bunny with a big, big heart.

It’s been one of those weeks, first with Ting’s health decline and now Fergus, which came as a total shock. Everyone here is doing their best but this double blow has thrown everyone off their game, we hope you’ll understand. #latebloomerclub

September 30, 2022

Um…I meant to do that. ~Fergus

Fergus is missing a front paw and a back foot so balancing can be a challenge. #fergusfriday #latebloomerclub

September 28, 2022

On Wobble Wednesday, Forrest Grump snuck into the donut bed but Fergus is here to protect me while I wash my face. Will deal with Forrest later. ~Ting #teamting #latebloomerclub

September 23, 2022

So many bunnies need my grooming help on #fergusfriday. ~Fergus #latebloomerclub

September 16, 2022

Tending to Forrest Grump’s floof on #fergusfriday

September 9, 2022

Giving Oscar a facial on #fergusfriday. #latebloomerclub

September 2, 2022

*Crunch* on a hay cookie treat for #FergusFriday.

August 19, 2022

Um, maybe next time I should be the one on top? ~Fergus

On #fergusfriday the boys attempt a cheerleading pyramid — Greyjoy, Fergus, Forrest Grump, Oscar.

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