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1 day ago

On Wobble Wednesday, Hot Chocolate’s sniffing around for hay cookies but they’re all for me, Ting. #TeamTing #LateBloomerClub See MoreSee Less

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Poor Hot chocolate!🙁

I love you babies!!! You are so sweet! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

What brand of hay cookies do you feed?

Love you babies! Hot Chocolate is in the donut bed 😆

I just love Wobble Wednesday! ❤

#teamting Hot Chocolate! Mind your manners! 😄🥰

Love these bunnies

Love these two ❤️😊

I love you beautiful Ting!!!

Ting loves her cookies!

Can Hot Chocolate have a cookie too?

As they should be, Ting!


Meg Hettinger

Molly Laker


Love you Ting❣️

Everybun's A Winner

♥️♥️love you Ting!

Yay Ting! 💋♥️

Ting ❤️

Ting will share!

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1 day ago

On Wobble Wednesday I’m a very good girl eating my Critical Care. ~Ting #TeamTing #LateBloomerClub

In the last month Ting has become wobblier and has a hard time bringing herself upright after she tips over (neurological condition). Ting is a senior 9+ years old bunny so weight and strength are important for quality of life — she receives daily critical care, subq fluids, and whatever she wants to eat, alongside pain meds and respiratory infection treatment. Although her body is frail Ting’s spirit remains intact as she gobbles hay cookies and snuggles with her many boyfriends. At the same time us humans struggle to prepare ourselves for what one day will come.
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I love Ting so much. The videos and photos of her have helped me through the last few months. My white Netherland dwarf, Clyde, died Aug. 15, 2022 and he looked so much like Ting. He was 10. He had a wife bun, Sparkle, but he would have loved Ting. He was kind and gentle and very licky! Thank you for taking such good care of Ting! I hope she is with us for a long time to come!

I love, love, LOVE Miss Ting sooooo much!! She reminds me of my tilty girl, Clover, who was a wobbly girl too. She was a petite little girl, barely 2.5 pounds. She was on critical care too but then she, out of the blue, became a choker! Even with critical care, she'd choke. It was so sad….this was right before she crossed…..I love seeing Ting, she makes me think of my Clover. Love to precious girl, Ting…💕😚xoxo *my baby girl, Clover. I miss her so much*😭💔🌈

I dread to think of a world without beautiful Ting. She brings joy and love and I’m not ready yet. I came across a photo I saved the other day of Ting and Lady Chatterly, seems so very long ago now but our girl is still here. She is just amazing ❤️ #TeamTing #LateBloomerClub

Awe good girl ting my Bunnie used to hate it but your a good girl.xxx

Precious, brave Ting. 🥰💕 I've followed Ting for so long that I can't even think about that last sentence. Thankful for every happy post. Thank you to everyone there for all you do for her. ❤️🙏

Awe Ting, you're such a special girl especially that you're eating your critical care. Eat many hay cookies as well.

I wish Ting could live forever I'm not prepared for her to go 😭

Such a sweet bunny! She sure enjoys her Critical Care. I love Ting.

We love Ting! I look forward to seeing her on Wobble Wednesdays. Blessings to you for giving that grand ol' girl such a comfy, happy life.♥️

Dear Ting, we wish you all the best. You are a true fighter. Enjoy your hay cookies and your cuddles. Greyjoy seems to be a decent guy. 😘

Ting you are so strong and brave! We love you 🥰

Your always a good girl Ting❤️

Bless sweet Ting. What a little trooper and sweet angel she is. I don't even want to think about the day I don't see her on here, my heart breaks even contemplating how crushed you all will be. Thank you for giving her the best life possible and the opportunity to enjoy each precious day.

You are so very precious and sweet little Ting. I simply love you! 💋♥️

I love you Ting. Eat, eat and eat more. I look to to seeing you every Wednesday.🐰❤😍

Sweet little Ting! She deserves all of the healthy treats 🥰🥰🐰(All bunny parents should have Critical Care at hand. It's helped my buns out in a number of situations and they like the taste, too. It's great stuff.)

You’ll never see a more internationally loved bunny than Miss Ting!

I love her! Such a special girl!

You’re a pretty girl Miss Ting 😊❤️

She is a great age for a poorly bun and loved by so many. I met her is 2016, she is a strong girl ❤

You have given this adorable girl a life that most disabled bunnies could only dream of, I know you treasure every day as do we who love you all for what you do for the Late Bloomers 💖😘💖

She is an amazing girl. 🤍🤍💕💕🤍🤍

Beautiful Ting is doing so good with the critical care. Thanks for helping her when she needs it most. The desert warren

Ting is the best ❤️

Tell Ting she must live forever lest the world be flooded with tears

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2 days ago

Princess Loppity Lop (formerly Princess Oats) recently had her right ear removed to try to halt a very deep ear infection that took hold due to neglect. She’s recovering nicely and is still her inquisitive and silly self.

Lops in general are very prone to both ear and tooth problems. To sum it up, lops are very far from what nature intended — stand up ears for hearing and an elongated face for efficient breathing and foraging. Because of the unnatural U bend in the ear canal that causes the ear to flop down they’re unable to properly clean, so wax and debris gets trapped leading to infection. And since they’ve been bred for flattened faces, their skulls are smaller but still trying to hold the same number of teeth which can lead to dental problems.

We’re not trying to discourage anyone from adopting a lop but do want people to know the high likelihood of increased vet care and surgery over many a lop bunny lifetime.
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Oh, precious baby.. heal up quickly.🙏 I LOVE lops!! Out of my 7 bunnies I have had over 21 years: 5 were lops, 1 was a "foo foo" (🐰) and number 7 I have now has one ear up & one ear down. 😄 Her momma was a foo foo & her daddy was a lop! She's sooo cute!!🥰

My lop ear bunny Hazelnut <3 He's had 2 major ear infections in 5 years but luckily no teeth problems

What a pretty princess! She is beautiful 😍 poor baby, I hope she heals quickly ❤️

Uhhhhh I love her 😍❤️

Beautiful princess ☺️💕👑❤️

Yasmin Leia Stone princess oats 😍

So sweet🙏❤️

☹️😭💖 what a strong baby!!!!! You deserve the world! 💖💖💖💖💖

My baby 😭😭😭😭 wishing her a fast recovery 🐰🥰

Glad she’s still being her silly self!

Jane Hunt look at this sweet baby 🥺

I hope she heals and feels better!!

speedy recovery sweetheart!!

She's beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

Still a beautiful bunny 🐰

What a precious girl

Little buns 😞

Poor baby ❤️

Thanks for saving her 🥰

So beautiful ❤️

But they’re so freaking cute!! ❤️😍

So sad Lop😞

So cute baby💕🙏💕

Iindo 💕

Such a pretty girl❤️

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3 days ago

New arrival Humboldt checks out the daily cleaning routine. Humboldt was found dumped in the woods in Humboldt County — a really gentle boy who you can tell just wants to be loved. See MoreSee Less

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Sometimes I wish buns could talk and tell us all their tales. He looks so sweet and his markings are a bit different. Welcome Humboldt! 🤗💕😊

Ignorant beings infuriate me 😡 acts such as these will come back to haunt whomever did this ten fold 😡 and then those who devote time, energy, savings in rescuing and adopting are left scrambling psychologically, spiritually and financially. It is an endless revolving door 🙏 I am venting., I am sorry 😭 I do my best to adopt and provide safe, secure and loving homes.

We all love you Humboldt!❤️

What a curious and handsome boy! I hope he gets adopted quickly!

What a sweetheart! How could anyone dump this precious baby

Absolutely precious! ❤️

Amanda McGarvey this Dutch boy looks like a well-dressed gentleman with his black onesie 💖🐰

Love this!❤️

Dutchies are the best ♥️

How precious

Meg Hettinger


Elder Rodrigo… Quieroooo!!! ❤️🐰🤭


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4 days ago

#LateBloomerClub Sunday supper with Forrest Grump wandering around (not a big fan of veggies) Ting, Peaches, Oscar way in the back, Hot Chocolate, and Greyjoy. Camille was taking a nap in the cardboard box and came out for greens later. See MoreSee Less

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I love watching bunnies eat and that's a lot of greens so they're really happy.

Thank you for sharing another beautiful video of my favorite group of bunnies! I love them and everything I get to see them do!

I love that noise! Sounds of happiness

Always love seeing this wonderful group. They are all loving those greens and love the sound of all that munching 😀❤️

what a great group of bunnies. they make me happy every time i see them

Nothing but love here!!!!🤗💖

Absolutely precious! The big gray one is gorgeous 😍

The goodest babies ever!!! 🥰🐰❤️

Bunny love comes in so many different shapes and sizes! ❤

They're all so great 🥰🥰🥰

They melt your heart ❤ so very special xx

What a munch party! That audio! So cute 😆

Love to see Greyjoy munching the veggies! 💝

So sweet!❤️

Hope all is well lil babies 🙏❤️

Hi bunnies 😊❤️

So adorable!

Ohhhhh….. That's a big bunny! ❤️

Love you all beautiful babies ❤️☺️🤗


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