Status: Adopted on Nov 15 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: Foster Home

Yuki is healed & doing great! Even better, her foster mom has decided to adopt her. She's a very happy bunny girl!
UPDATE 6/17/09
Yuki is currently in a sanctuary home because she is suffering from some sort of infection that is not yet responding to treatment.
We are extremely grateful to her foster parent who is giving Yuki the love,dedicated care and medical attention she needs to heal and survive.
UPDATE 4/19/09
Yuki is in a foster home that can provide her with the healing she needs after suffering from neglect and some minor medical issues. She needs to regain her trust in people and just get lots of love.
Yuki is a brave and sweet girl.
Hi. My name is Yuki , which means snow in Japanese. I am a very sweet, gentle and loving young spayed girl.

Even though I was a favorite of the volunteers at the SF shelter,I waited and waited to be adopted and no one came for me. Sadly, white bunnies like me are harder to place. It's a shame that people miss out on seeing how unique and wonderful our personalities can be only becaus ethey don't like white bunnies with ruby eyes.

When the shelter became crowded my time ran out and I would have been euthanized. Fortunately a space opened up for me at SaveABunny.

I've been told that I am truly a delightful and wonderful rabbit with my snow white fur, lovely jewel-toned eyes and gentle personality. I will give you back all the love, plus more that you give me.

Please adopt me!

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