Status: Adopted on Apr 7 2013
Shelter of Origin: Santa Cruz Shelter
Location: SaveABunny

Hi There. Pick me! Pick me! I LOVE getting lots of attention. I am a smart, neutered French lop mix boy who is the perfect combination of sensitive and goofy.

When you spend time on the floor petting me, I flatten and relax like a big marshmallow. Yes, you can pet me for a long time and I won't complain!

I love to run, play, do binkies and am a larger size guy, so I'll need lots of room and plenty of exercise. I'll make you laugh as I zip around your home (indoors and bunny-proofed- no outside hutches)> Sometimes my big feet and wacky ears just seem to go flying in opposite directions.

It's hard to believe that I was rescued just in the nick of time from being put to sleep. I had been at the shelter for a long time and was REALLY depressed that no one seemed to want me. I have so much love to share!!
The shelter became over crowded and my time was up.
Now I am SUPER happy and very eager to find my forever home and my very own human to love me. I promise to love you back ---A LOT!
Please visit me soon.

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