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Jan 30 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
Petaluma Animal Shelter

Tulip is a beautiful rabbit. She's grown more & more friendly since she's been at the shelter. She loves to show you how happy she is out of her cage by binkying, ear flapping constantly & laying long on her belly right next to you. After exploring her new place, she loves to be petted. Come visit her at the Petaluma Shelter.

I'm finally adopted on 01/30/10! My new Momma (my Bunny Hugger at the shelter) just couldn't stand it anymore. She's been visiting me since she started volunteering at the shelter. She kept wishing & hoping that some loving family would want me. Thanksgiving came & went. Christmas came & went. And Valentine's Day was approaching.

Here's my story from my shelter listing on bunspace:

Hi I'm Tulip! Much is unknown about my past. I came to the shelter around June 2009 with another female rabbit. She was adopted quickly. My Bunny Hugger, Cathy tells me I've blossomed nicely since I've been here. I like to show her how happy I am whenever I'm let out. I binky about 2 ft high & flap my ears around. Sometimes I just jump from a standing position. Since, I'm a bigger girl, I kinda get tired then I just lay long on my belly next to Cathy so she can stroke me. When I first got here I wouldn't let anyone pet me. I didn't like it at all. Eventually, I got the idea that being petted isn't so bad. (Maybe the spay had something to do with it too.) Sometimes, I'll toss the paper towel roll just to show off how fun it is. I would really like to go to a home where I have room to run, binky, or stretch my legs either in an x-pen or the run of the house. Please, no small cage or hutch for me.

Here's Bunny Hugger Cathy to say a few word: Tulip was named by a little boy who thought she was a pretty girl like a flower. She truely has come a long way since she's been dropped off at the shelter. In the beginning I would have to hold her for 20 minutes on my lap to let her know that human touch was okay & she would be shaking. After weekly visits since July 2009, she has warmed up to me. She allows me to pet her on the floor & she shows me how happy she is to be out of the cage. She may want to be an only rabbit in the home although, I'm hopeful she is just waiting to the right mate.