Status: Adopted on Dec 20 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Foster Home

My name is Spring Spirit. I’m about 2 years old. I’m a larger bunny but don’t let that worry you. I’m all love and fur. I’m a friendly, outgoing bunny girl who is ready to be your best bunny friend. I’m curious and like to explore. I can be calm and loving as you stroke my head and back or I can binky and dance around for your entertainment. I’m an all around happy-go-lucky bunny girl. You wouldn’t have know that at first though. I was brought to the shelter by the animal control officers because my so-call guardian wasn’t feeding me. I all skin and bones. I ate for one week straight, non-stop! I was so happy to have an endless amount of hay and a healthy supply of nutritious pellet and dark leafy greens. When I became comfortable with my foster parents home I became potty box trained, so that I could be a perfect house bunny for them. Come meet me and fall in love!

I'm currently being cared for in a South Bay foster home.

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