Status: Adopted
Shelter of Origin: Marin Humane Society
Location: SaveABunny

I have been adopted and have a new bunny friend!
UPDATE: 6/28/11

Popeye's surgery was a success--See photos below.
Thank you for your donations and support! He is now ready to find his forever home. Please meet Popeye and maybe you will fall in love and adopt him!


My name is Popeye (like the cartoon character)and SaveABunny just saved my life, along with Dr. Pfann at Brandner veterinary hospital in Petaluma.

This picture was just taken after my surgery to remove a painful, diseased eye. Right now I know I might look scary, but pretty soon I will be looking and feeling a lot better. You can check back in a few weeks to see my progress.

This surgery saved my life and I would have been euthanized at a Bay area shelter if rescue wasn't an option. I am so happy to be alive and now have a second chance.

Please donate to help cover my expenses. SaveABunny is in URGENT need of funds right now!

Thank you for your help and compassion!

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"Reflection Of Compassion" is a lovingly commissioned series of original watercolor and gouache illustrations created especially for SaveABunny Rabbit Rescue by artist Elizabeth Koval Maffeo. (All images copyright 2008 SaveABunny. All rights reserved.)