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Mrs. Gravenstein + the "Apple" babies

Special Needs

Hello, I'm Mrs. Gravenstein and I'm the proud mom of 3 babies, born 3/4/20 -- Braeburn (white), Fuji (black), and Honeygold (brown). We're known as the Apple Family since we're named after yummy varieties of apples.

I was wandering around outdoors when a Good Samaritan found me and brought me to safety indoors. To their surprise and mine the very next day I gave birth to 7 babies. Sadly 4 of them quickly passed away (a common circumstance for moms like me who are abandoned and under a great deal of stress fighting for survival), and absolutely not a reflection on the care and kindness of the human who truly saved me and my babies from a horrible fate.

Knowing they did not have the knowledge and background to care for my family the good samaritan obtained a referral to SaveABunny. My babies and I are now in an experienced foster home where I can raise my family in comfort and safety. We won't be available for adoption until the summer, after the babies are weaned and they and I have been spayed/neutered.

I'm a big 10+ pound New Zealand black girl who's friendly and calm and am hoping my babies will grow up to be big and gorgeous, too!

I'm currently being housed at SaveABunny waiting to be adopted.