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Hoss Giddyup

May 9 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue
Foster Home

My foster parents have adopted me.
Now who didn't see that coming?!


Howdy partner! My name is Hoss Giddyup. I am a big strapping, handsome Flemish Giant dude with looks and personality galore. That's basically a fancy way of saying that I am both a really good looking guy, as well as nice bunny. I'm about 14 pounds and over 2 feet long.

I'm a little shy at first and may wince at first when touched, but boy... I warm up FAST and I LOVE attention. If you want to know what a REAL bunny snuggle is, you'll have to meet me. My birthday was September 21, 2007, so I am still a young guy.

I came to SaveABunny through a progressive partnership with a breeder of Flemish Giants who had rabbits in need of rescue or special care. I am pigeon-toed and that makes me not a good show rabbit.

I will soon be neutered and ready for adoption. Whoever adopts me need to know that Flemish Giants like me tend to get arthritis as we age because of our weight and may need extra vet care. Our ears may also need help staying clean.

To help SaveABunny cover my neuter and rescue expenses my adoption fee is $125, which while higher than SaveABunny's normal $85 is still a bargain for an amazing bunny like me.