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Momma Kisses and her Babies

Jan 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

HI! My name is Kisses and here's a baby photo of me and my babies.
Yes, thank you very much...we ARE a pretty cute bunch of bunnies!
And best yet, you'll love our names. My name is Kisses, so of course, all my babies are named "Love" in different languages!

Our story could have been sad, but now it's not. My babies and I all faced euthanasia at a local shelter that was overcrowded. My gentle spirit and tender, motherly ways touched the SaveABunny volunteers and they miraculously found a foster home for us.

Now my babies are old enough to be spayed and neutered and each find his or her own home. It's very bittersweet for us, because we all still get along very well.

Our foster family has decided to adopt me and two of my babies--
Alska, which is Swedish for love and Lubomir, which is Slavic for "great love." My son, Rudo, has also been adopted.

So now, we are eager to find fabulous homes for my pretty and spirited girls--Mindi, Amora, Esmay and Suki . These girls are now teenagers with a mind of their own, but I raised them well, so I know they will be good bunnies!

There's Mindi, and her name is Germanic for Love.

Here's Amora,Spanish for darling love

Meet EsmayLatin/French

Say Hi! to SukiJapanese

If you can provide a loving, indoor and pampering home for my kids, I'll be able to rest easy as any mother should be able to do. Maybe adopt a pair to keep each other company?

Send an email to meet them soon!

Lubomir ADOPTED!