Status: Adopted on Oct 17 2010
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

Cybele has been adopted!

Hi! My name is Cybele, which is of Greek origin and pronounced si-belle. In Greek Mythology, Cybele was an ancient nature goddess worshipped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor. Known as the mother of all gods, men, and wild nature, lions were her faithful companions, though I think I'll pass on hanging out with lions.

So, let me give you the scoop on my situation as a single mom...

I was abandoned at San Francisco Animal Care and Control on July 26, 2010. On July 28, 2010, I promptly gave birth to 6 babies. Yes, men find me irresistible. Let's just leave it the fact that intact rabbits aren't exactly poster children for birth control...

I'm very proud of my kids. We are happy, active, and looking for a loving foster home for the five of us. (Sadly,one of my babies died at the shelter and one more died a few weeks later, so now I have 4 kids left. You'll see 5 super cute babies in the video, but my little runt didn't make it despite valiant efforts).

If you have room in your heart and home to foster us, please contact Marcy at 415-388-2790. I'm a smart, regal mom and my kids are simply goofy and extra cute!

The gray baby is a boy and so is the light brown and white bunny with hazel eyes. The two little white buns with black spots who are left are both little girls. They are too young to be adopted yet and are still nursing, so a foster home is best for us right now.

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