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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

We are very saddened to have lost our sweet Mazel to cancer. If only she had been spayed by people earlier in her life, she may have had a much longer and healthier life.
We miss you sweet and feisty Mazel.


UPDATE January 11, 2010
Dr. Carolynn Harvey has given us some good news on Mazel! X-rays showed no signs that cancer has spread or metastasized and Mazel is looking good. For several months we've been closely monitoring Mazel, because she has periods of digestive issues that require fluid therapy and medication.

Dr.Harvey is not sure what exactly is causing the digestive issues,it could be hereditary or as simple as a reaction to Chinese herbs she was prescribed when the cancer was first seen.

One fact we are certain of is that Mazel is a very intelligent and sensitive bunny! She craves being with people and thrives on being a house rabbit who is not in a cage and has freedom to move around and be with people as much as possible. When she is caged or does not get enough attention she will start to get depressed and her digestive issues flare up.

If you want a bunny who will bond very deeply with you Mazel is a good choice. She loves to snuggle and take naps on the sofa with her human (for now that's Marcy, the SaveABunny Founder). Mazel really lights up when she gets the love and one-on-one attention she deserves.

Oh, one little glitch...she likes people, but not other rabbits. Mazel would need to be your one and only true bunny love.
UPDATE 8/1/09

Mazel's growth turned out to be cancerous. While the surgical margins were good, there is a still a 50-50 chance the cancer could recur.

We are working with Dr, Carolynn Harvey to provide Mazel with special herbs used to fight cancer. We are optimistic that the combination of good medical care and a loving environment will help Mazel blossom and thrive.

NOTE FROM MARCY, SaveABunny Founder

I met Mazel at San Jose Animal Services when she was on the rescue/ euthanasia list for both health and behavioral reasons. She was a mess with a torn ear, matted fur and an attitude that kept people at an arm's length for fear of getting scratched and boxed.

Yet, I was drawn to Mazel and wanted to help her. No one else wanted to take her. I named her Mazel because it is a phrase used for good luck in Yiddish.

One of the blessings/curses that I have when I visit a shelter is to be able to see and feel beneath the surface of a rabbit into their true essence. While on the surface a rabbit may show aggression or fear,when I tune into a deeper connection I see the intelligence, loneliness and tenderness of a rabbit who is just doing his/her best to survive in a terrifying environment.

Mazel was one of those bunnies who had been poorly treated by humans and beaten down in life. Yet, beneath her anger I felt a longing for comfort and connection. She came to SaveABunny where she feels safe and accepted. She is calm and at ease.

However, upon her intake exam we found several large masses on her abdominal area. She is not spayed, so she is going to see Dr. Carolynn Harvey, one of the top veterinarians to see if she has cancer.

This resilient, pretty girl really deserves to have a long life filled with love and acceptance. She is smart, forgiving and has been through enough.

We will keep you posted on her prognosis. Donations for her care are urgently needed and greatly appreciated.