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Mar 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue
Foster Home

I've been adopted!! -------------- My name is Mashimaro!!! I am a very sweet and smart boy bunny. I'm also very brave, my foster mom told me that ~^o^~ .... I didn't know I could be so brave until I lost my home last year and had to try everything to survive. Fortunately, I was found by a group of caring people and rescued by my foster mom and her neighbor next door right before the weather got cold and wet before last Christmas I like to be held and petted and feel loved when I get a lot of attentions. I also like to be kissed and say hi to you with a lot of my little kisses. What's most important is I like to feel being part of the family. My foster mom usually holds me with her one hand and does housework with her another hand. It's perfectly fine with me. As long as she carries me with her, I'm happy! I'm a good skater and has no trouble hopping on tiles or hardwood floor. :) Now, you can tell how much I love life and enjoy freedom. I would be quite upset if being kept in the cage for too long.. I hope to find a home which can offer me with large space and allow me to become part of the family. I want to be loved and would definitely love you in return... MashiMaro Please contact my foster mom Elizabeth at Elizabeth's email