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May 29 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
Solano County Animal Care

I've been adopted...Yeah!

A message from Malcolm:
"Hi Everyone -

It's Malcolm !!! Remember me? The cute little boy with his "little grey pants"?

I miss all of you at "SaveABunny" so I am sending each and everyone of you a BIG "Bunny Kiss". I wanted all of you to know that I am very thankful to each and everyone of you for all of your love, care, support, devotion and hard work which made me be the bunny that I am today. Its because of all of you that I was able to find my "forever home" with Lisa.

I also wanted you to know that I am doing fine and that I am very happy at my new "forever home". I have a big custom made three story mansion that's fit for a king. I spend my sleeping hours there at night and I have plenty of stretching room for napping during the day if I choose. It even has an attached playpen for when Lisa is not home so I am safe and comfortable. I also have a big backyard in which to do my "binkies" in, with supervision of course. Lisa and I spend a lot of time out there together. I also have a possible new friend, a cat named Boo Boo. She is an older gal and a little stand-offish but with my irresistible cuteness and charm I will win her over in no time.

It didn't take me long to adjust to my new "forever home" for Lisa has been very patient with me and doesn't expect me to be something that I'm not. She takes things slow with me and gives me a lot of "love rubs" on my head. For instance, I seemed to be using my litterbox for snoozing rather than what I should be using it for and at the same time I was doing my "duty" somewhere else. Well, Lisa put my litter box in the other area and now I use my litter box for doing my "duty". She helped me see that I had plenty of room to lay anywhere that I wanted and that the litterbox was for the dirty things. Otherwise, I have been a very good boy. I get lots of Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass Hay and occassionally for a treat, Oat Hay. She gives me fresh veggies and my limited amount of Timothy Pellets.

I am going to meet my veterinarian tomorrow, don't worry nothing is wrong with me, its just for a check-up so a baseline can be established for my continuing care through the years. You know, a handsome boy like me has to keep his weight and figure in tip-top-shape.

Well, I must go now. I will always keep all of you in my thoughts and in my heart forever. Don't forget me for I am the cute boy with the "little grey pants."


Malcolm and Lisa

Hi! My name is Malcolm. I'm a happy, active and outgoing, neutered boy.
I am just so INCREDIBLY cute that Marcy just wanted to take photos of me all day long. As you can see, I am picture perfect.
Please talk with me, tell me how wonderful I am and of course pet me. I love being the center of attention! I am ready for my forever and would love a place with lots of indoor room to run and play and do my binkies!

Please visit me soon.