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Macy and Marshmallow

Aug 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

8/2009 update - We've been adopted into a lovely new home. The family loves us and wanted to make sure we started together since we are such good friends and sisters. Thank you SaveABunny for helping us find a forever home!

Hi, we're the sister duo of Macy (brn one) and Marshmallow (we are a.k.a. M&M). Our mom was recently adopted and left us orphaned so we're looking for a nice home. We're low maintenance in that we are pretty content with a dietof hay, grass and timothy grass pellets although we wouldn't turn down an occasional small treat of fresh vegetables.

My sister Marshmallow is the dominant one, that is until you introduce a slice of ripe banana then all bets are off.
We are not accomplished leapers but my sister, Marshmallow, at a moments inattention, likes to squeeze through
a gate that is left unlatched or slightly ajar then she turns into the Cooler King (character played by Steve McQueen
in the movie, The Great Escape) but she promises not to hot wire your motorcycle to further facilitate her escape.