Status: Adopted on Sep 8 2013
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

Lana Turner was adopted in 2009 but she has come back to SaveABunny because it came to our attention that she was not being cared for properly. We are investigating the situation and following up with her former adopters, but in the meantime Lana is recuperating at SaveABunny and she will require jaw surgery for a major abscess. Please help us raise funds to get Lana the medical attention she needs!

Lana Turner is one of the 29 rabbits recently surrendered at a Bay area animal shelter. She is a stunning, recently spayed tan with black harlequin bunny. She is a bit shy at first, but generally very curious, inquisitive and active when she settles in.

She is currently living in a group with other rabbits from her group and might really like to be adopted with one of her friends, especially that handsome hunk Glenn Ford! She might also be a great companion to your rabbit. She's bit bossy in the group!

We are still working on the rescue of her friends still at the shelter. Adoptions and foster homes for the rabbits on-site will help us make room to save others.

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