Status: Adopted on Oct 15 2011
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: SaveABunny
I've been adopted and have a new girlfriend named Bella. -----------------------------

Hi. My name is Kickstand, which I think is the absolute coolest name ever! As you will see from my story I am a true survivor!! Even though I am only about 6 months old and have all the silliness and goofiness you'd expect from a teenager, I've experienced enough in my short life to know gratitude for being alive.

When you hang out with me and pet my head, you'll see that I am a sweet, goofy and loving baby boy. It hard to fathom that I was rescued from a very, very sad situation. I was being raised to be eaten.

Many of my rabbit friends and family were lost to me...

My picture made the newspapers because my leg sticks out the side(I think it's special!). We were all so malnourished and frantic for love and basic food and water that I am just grateful to be alive.

Just so you know...there's nothing wrong with my leg that needs any sort of medical attention and it doesn't bother me one bit. I just wasn't fed or housed properly as a baby. I was kept in a terrible bunny prison, so it's no wonder my leg is a bit "different". I hope it doesn't bother you or stop you from meeting me. I'm fine now!

I am living with my buddies Bieber and Timber. I like having a bunny friend. Maybe you can adopt me with one of my friends or as a companion to your spayed or neutered bunny?


On Tuesday, June 22nd, the East Bay SPCA, Oakland Animal Services and Oakland Police confiscated 21 malnourished and abused rabbits at a home near Lake Merritt. One of them was me!

We were all stacked on top of each other in filthy cages and no food or water was easily found. Our human keeper had only fed us cooked white rice. Officials described all of us bunnies as "frantic" for food and water.

The human was raising us for our meat. I was slated to be someone's dinner, and yet I have so much love and snuggles to give!

Several baby bunnies in the group suffered leg deformities in addition to the digestive illnesses, parasites and bite wounds discovered in the other rabbits due to the cramped and unsanitary conditions.

Our living conditions were deemed inhumane and all of us were seized. Oakland Animal Services, The East Bay SPCA and SaveABunny, worked closely together to provide medical attention and foster homes for those of us rabbits most in need of immediate intervention.

Current Status

Amazingly, despite the neglect and cruelty we endured all of us (including me!) have proven to be very sweet, friendly and trusting of people. We've also responded very well to treatment for malnutrition, intestinal parasites and digestive disorders resulting from our confinement. I'm MORE than ready to be adopted and spoiled by you!

Please visit me and my friends! We want to find our forever homes.

SaveABunny is also seeking tax-deductible financial donations to help cover spay/ neuter and veterinary expenses for us in addition to qualified adopters and foster homes.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help with our rescue expenses! How To Donate or Donate via Paypal

More on the Oakland Rescue:

June 28, 2011
Oakland, CA
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The East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (EBSPCA) and Oakland Animal Services (OAS) – a unit of the Oakland Police Department, collaborated last week to rescue 21 rabbits from an Oakland home. The case, in which rabbits were being raised for food in inhumane conditions, highlights issues related to citizens raising livestock animals in the urban City of Oakland.

On Tuesday, June 22nd, a humane advocate from the East Bay SPCA visited a home to follow up on a complaint concerning rabbits; Oakland Animal Services and an Oakland Police patrol units responded to assist. At the home near Lake Merritt, they found multiple rabbits in two small, wire cages in the backyard.

In a thorough search of the yard, the rescue team found additional rabbits hidden under a plastic tub on the side of the house. Living conditions for the animals were deemed inhumane. No food or water was visible for any of the animals. The owner of the rabbits, who was allegedly raising the rabbits for food, had been feeding them only white rice.

Rabbits were found in two small wire cages, one hidden in a plastic container and three in a plastic pail under a piece of carpet.

The animals were transported to the EBSPCA where veterinary staff examined them. From the original 21 animals, three required additional veterinary care. These three, including a baby rabbit with deformed back legs most likely a result of poor nutrition, remained at the EBSPCA.

The remaining 18 rabbits were transported to Oakland Animal Services, increasing the city shelter’s rabbit population from 32 to 50. SaveABunny is working closely with Oakland Animal Services to find placement for these rabbits.

Oakland Animal Services and East Bay SPCA regularly receive calls from citizens who are concerned about livestock in their neighborhood—whether because of the smell, the noise, and/or inhumane living conditions.

Oakland Animal Services is participating in the City of Oakland Planning Department’s efforts to update the City’s zoning regulations for urban agriculture. “We want to ensure there is oversight in place on livestock in the City to prevent an increase in the number of inexperienced individuals raising and slaughtering animals inhumanely,” says Webb.

The City is hosting the first of two community workshops to obtain feedback on draft regulations on urban agriculture on Thursday, July 21st, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 5714 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. This meeting will include discussions on the limitations that should be placed on raising and slaughtering animals for food in the City.

For additional information on the rabbits or on Oakland Animal Services, contact Megan Webb, Director, Oakland Animal Services, 510-535-5604,