Status: Adopted on Feb 12 2010
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Other

Hello! We are Jingles and Jammy a bonded pair of sister bunnies who are about 1 years old. We love playing, snuggling up at night, interacting with the people and world, as friends and family. We’ve were found off of Highway 17 by a good samaritan who pulled over to rescue us from the cars on the highway. We were so hungry that she found us trying to tear open a little packet of ketchup that had been tossed on the side of the road. We wanted to be saved, so she was able to just easily swoop us u. We were brought to the shelter to be vetted and spayed. Our difficult past makes us really appreciate the good things in life. We love our toys like organic pine cones and willow rings. We enjoy foraging around in hay and playing pee-a-boo in little bunny cardboard hide-a-ways. Jingles is the bold one who loves to be petted and introduces herself right way. Jammy follows Jingles’ lead. Once Jammy sees that Jingles is getting a treat and petted, Jammy will join right in. We are super sweet and so ready to find that special someone who wants to love us.

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Gorgeous hand-gilded frame with free form tempered glass and found objects mosaic. The story is one of freedom---breaking our of out patterns to rejoice and enjoy what life has to offer-right now.