Status: Adopted on Feb 14 2010
Shelter of Origin: Martinez Shelter
Location: Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

I've been adopted!

Hello. My name is Ilona, and I was named for my beautiful "inner" and outer light. I am a big shy, quiet, spayed girl who has really started to blossom at SaveABunny after a sad, start in life. It is very likely I was raised as a meat rabbit and people hadn't been kind to me.

Now I have the chance to feel the warmth and kindness of human touch and taste the crisp,coolness of fresh greens. I am eager to love and enjoy my life as a treasured companion. I hope you will visit me soon.

I've been transferred to the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter on July 2009 & have been waiting patiently for the right person to take me home. I absolutely love, love, love, to be petted. I want nothing more then you attention & to spoke sweet things to me. Don't let my outside fool because I'm as sweet as they come.

I am pictured here with a cool, fused glass dish featuring Vivian from SaveABunny. This dish is handmade and available for sale at Click Here For SaveABunny's Etsy Store. All sales proceeds benefit rabbits in need.
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