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Feb 27 2021

Here's what Herb's foster mom has to say about him:

Herb the bunny can be described as charismatic, personable, silly, and sweet. He hops around playfully until he lands in a sploot for a rest -- usually in close proximity to the humans. He loves anything sweet and will help himself to licking your face or lips to get a little taste. He enjoys food puzzles and has taken to clicker training right away and is learning how to "kiss," "stand," wave throughout legs, and come when called. He is just so smart!

Herb is potty trained and as a result has earned freedom to roam around his foster's home. He enjoys the company of the resident kitty and melts into little bunny puddle when his head, ears and cheeks are scratched -- especially if nose to nose nuzzling is happening at the same time.

Herb has the whole package...personality, smarts, and good looks! The lives of the humans(s) who adopt him will certainly be brighter.