Status: Adopted on Feb 28 2010
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: Oakland Animal Services

I'm a sweet and friendly girl who is excited to meet you! I arrived at Oakland Animal Services in a big group with my brothers & sisters, a couple days before Christmas. I spent some time getting pampered at SaveABunny, and now I'm more calm and relaxed and back at Oakland Animal Services and waiting to meet you!

If you are interested in me as a friend for your single rabbit, please bring him/her to the shelter any Saturday or Sunday between noon-5pm to have a "bunny dating" bonding session with me!

I am waiting for you at the Oakland Animal Shelter, so no need to email or anything if you want to meet me, just come on down and visit! I am already spayed, so I could go home with you the same day. You can find directions and hours on our website. The adoption fee for a rabbit at Oakland Animal Shelter is $35.

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