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Hawthorne, formerly Sander at San Francisco Animal Care and Control

May 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

I've been adopted and LOVE my humans!

Sadly, Hawthorne was adopted and returned a year later when his family decided that a rabbit was no longer a good fit for their lifestyle.
He is back with SaveABunny and he's currently living in a great foster home. Hawthorne is a great bunny who deserves a forever home with people who will treasure him s part of their family. Send us an email if you'd like to meet him!

UPDATE 8/5/08
Hawthorne's foster Mom wants to share new photos and tell you all the great reasons why you should adopt Hawthorne!

"Hawthorne is a silly, happy and friendly bunny whom we love very much. We will miss him when he finds his new home! We also know that he’d be a fantastic friend for a special person, and that someone needs to have Hawthorne in their lives.

He is currently free-range in one room, with time to run in another area as well when I am home to supervise. He runs laps with plenty of leaping into the air with glee. He is a very good bunny, who doesn’t have a great inclination to chew things up. He sleeps on a fleece blanket and is great about using his litterbox.

Hawthorne is completely unafraid of any of the other pets, and would make a great bunny for people who have dogs or cats. He runs past my greyhound’s nose without a care in the world! I do have a cat who likes to chase him if given the chance, and he is not fazed by this.

Like a lot of bunnies, Hawthorne does not really like to be picked up. He will however stretch out flat on the ground (head down, eyes closed!) if you scratch him behind the ears, and then bask in being scratched all over his body for as long as you will do it! He loves the attention. He is also a food maniac. He eats anything and everything and will run circles around me when I bring him veggies and pellets. He loves hay, and especially likes to jump into the hay box to eat it “fresh”. I often find him there when I open the door to his room, and it’s become a fun game. He sits in there completely still until I say “Where’s Super Bon Bon?” and then he comes flying out to say hello.

He has many nicknames and even a couple of songs that we sing to him. There’s nothing cuter than Hawthorne begging for food, or chilling in the living room with his feet kicked out behind him.

His yucky pee-stained coat has grown out completely, and he is now a stunning white with plush fur. He sheds a lot while he’s molting, but otherwise his shedding is not bad at all. I know that many people don’t like red-eyed animals, but his eyes are just beautiful – shades of soulful pink."


I am now in a GREAT Foster home and I am doing REALLY well.
It's truly amazing how resilient and loving I am after all I went through. Not meaning to sound too corny, but the ability of love to heal is very powerful. Though my foster Mom, Leah is very familiar with rescuing animals (She does incredible work with Cavy Spirit guinea pig rescue) cavyspirit, I am the first rabbit with whom she has lived.

With her kindness, patience and medical assistance I am recovering very well. I'm now neutered and ready to find my forever home.

I feel that life is now worth living. I look forward to my whole life is ahead of me for joy, love and fun---just like every bunny deserves. I'm still a bit stained from my horrible time in a cruel meat rabbit cage, but soon I will be a handsome snow white.

Foster homes like Leah has provided are urgently needed and extremely helpful to save bunnies at risk. I owe my life to her.

Please reach out and help save a bunny today!


Hi. My name is Hawthorne and I am very grateful to be alive.
I was rescued from a horrible life being sold as a "meat" rabbit at a flea market in San Francisco. I am a big bunny and I was crammed into a tiny cage with other rabbits and we had no food or water or space to move. As you can see from this photo, I am urine stained from being underneath other frightened rabbits. And this is my "after" photo---after I was brushed and cleaned. It will take me a few months to grow in the soft, silky white fur that I have underneath all this mess. I am ashamed at the way I look, though I know it is not my fault.

Even though humans had not been kind to me so far in my short life, I am still a sweet, gentle boy. I am a little shy at first and not sure if your hand coming toward me means that I will be hit and hurt, or stroked and loved. I am so grateful for a tender touch and kindness.

I really crave a forever home where I can experience the joy and safety of being an indoor companion rabbit. I would also welcome a foster person who will work with me for a few months to allow my gentle, playful spirit to emerge in a healing environment.

My sense is that life CAN be good and that I have a purpose on this earth other than to be someone's dinner, but I need your help.
Will you please adopt or foster me and show me the love I deserve?


I am named after a SaveABunny volunteer named Mark Hawthorne. Mark is the author of "Striking At The Roots": A Practical Guide to Animal Activism.

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