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In Memoriam

We are devastated to let you know that we lost our beautiful, sweet Haru this evening to a sudden illness. Despite seeing the vet yesterday and being on medication, Haru did not improve and his temperature kept rising. Marcy took him to the emergency vet again this evening but he did not make it.

Haru was an incredible joy to be around. Despite coming from a rough place, as soon as he got to SaveABunny, Haru was immediately friendly to everyone he met and enjoyed snuggles. He loved playtime and danced like a champion. He was so personable and relaxed, he was practicing to be a SaveABunny rabbit ambassador and had recently charmed visitors at the Sonoma County VegFest. We will all miss his cheerful, loving good nature and his beautiful face. Rest in peace, sweet Haru.

September 11, 2016

Hello there! I'm an incredibly friendly young lad and everyone at SaveABunny has been falling in love with me already! I just love a good snuggle and I'm really into people! (Ed. note: it's really incredible since he's from the San Martin large confiscation, and we think his mother is Lady Chatterley.)

My name means "spring" in Japanese, because I'm like a spring breeze, I'm like a blossoming bud in a glistening garden.
Come by and meet me and I'll show you what a good snuggle is all about!