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Jun 5 2016
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

A loving, enthusiastic endorsement from Harley's foster:
I’ve been honored to be Harley’s foster mom for a few weeks. During the time that I’ve had her here in my apartment, she has affected me deeply, and I’m just broken-hearted that, because of my living situation, I won't be able to keep her…

There are so many things I could tell you about Harley but, there are also so many things that the right person will have fun discovering on his or her own, so I’ll try not to give too much away.

First of all, the basics. Harley is a wonderful companion! She’s very friendly, healthy, loving, and has impeccable litter box habits. Harley also happens to be beautiful! The color patterns in her fur are so unusual, and she has the most expressive blue eyes…

Although she is very easygoing and good at keeping herself busy, she loves affection and snuggling. She’s easy to brush, loves being touched and kissed; is not skittish or shy… She learns quickly, and I’m sure that whoever gets to have her as their forever bunny will have fun teaching her things and creating rituals together… She loves her busy bunny toys and arranging her bed until she gets things JUST right. She purrs easily; loves to do binkies and happy rolls. I can see her as the kind of rabbit who could sit with someone on the couch for long periods of time … or be the center of attention when a friend comes over…

It’s very important to know is that Harley is incredibly brave and resilient. She was found on a street corner in San Francisco with a shattered right rear leg as well as abscesses on the back of her neck area. After Marcy and Dr. Scheenstra came to her rescue, Harley not only healed up miraculously from her injuries, she also happens to be a trusting and loving spirit in spite of all that she’s been through.

Harley is an exceptional being; she has such a presence about her. She is someone who you’ll look forward to seeing again the second you’re away from her… She deserves to have a wonderful, loving home with people who will treasure her and appreciate all that she has to offer!
Here are photos of her in her foster home:

Harley, slightly disgruntled following her health check and nail trim. Harley arrived with a broken leg and deep...

Posted by SaveABunny on Friday, September 25, 2015

Update on brave, sweet Harley. Harley arrived over the summer with a broken leg and such huge, deep abscesses...

Posted by SaveABunny on Monday, November 2, 2015

Harley arrived on Saturday evening, a stunningly beautiful brown and white harlequin/dutch girl. She arrived with a broken foot but so far is doing okay.

Posted by SaveABunny on Thursday, July 9, 2015