Status: Adopted on Nov 10 2012
Shelter of Origin: Sonoma County Animal Control
Location: Foster Home

Fredericka is a new rescue who was in need of some major TLC and found a foster mom for the job! Some notes and pictures from her foster mom: Oh, by the way, her foster mom is adopting Fredericka!

These first two are Before and the other two are from After she was pulled from Sonoma County Shelter.

The one on her back isn’t very good but I was trying to show the urine stain, mats and her tail is like a fat twig. You can see some cloudy areas in her eye in the bottom pic.

This last one is current but you can see how dull her coat is and also her lanky frame. Dr. Debra says she’s only about ½ lb underweight but you can easily feel her spine and ribs. She is eating lots and I bought her some wheat grass today and she ate the entire bunch in one sitting.

So far she is doing great but will be on Bactrim for 10 days; she does have nasal dampness, possibly a respiratory infection. I believe she is a little gem that just needs someone to love her.

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