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Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

Ah, a most welcome guest! My name is Clarence, and right now I live at SaveABunny.

You know how I got here? Well, I used to live in this weird place called a laboratory until these super nice people came to rescue me. Those people, when they came to the lab, told me they were from the Beagle Freedom Project. To be honest, I’m not sure what a beagle is, but I can sure tell you that I’m happy to be out of there.

I now have a new home with this charming lady named Marcy. Except, this isn’t really my home, at least not my “forever home” as it were. Marcy tells me and my neighbors that out there are people just waiting to fall in love with us. All she needs me to do is be cute, keep clean, and type up this self-description that you are now reading. Seems pretty easy to me! Now I just need that loving person!