Status: Adopted on Mar 21 2012
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

Hi. My name is Chi-Anna and I was the mom of 4 adorable babies. However, even though I can't count, I did notice 6 babies in with me! It seems that when I wasn't looking the caring people at SaveABunny slipped in two extra babies to help ease the "workload" of my "sister wife" Casey Moon.

Casey Moon (now adopted) and I both originally came from the same household along with a boy bunny. We were all surrendered to the city shelter in San Francisco. We both gave birth before we could be spayed and I had 4 babies, while Casey Moon had 10!

Anyway, I loved ALL "my" babies. I still am protective of them and a bit grouchy if you come to close to see them.

I am now spayed and ready to be adopted---maybe as a companion to your neutered boy boy or along with one of my kids. We are still very close. I am living with Slipper, Sneakers and Sandals.

As can be the case with lop-eared bunnies, I have an ongoing issue with one of my ears and my ears will need to be cleaned weekly. I'll be sure to complain about it too!

No one said I was a are going to have to win my love. Are you up for the challenge?

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