Status: Adopted on Nov 20 2011
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted and have a new hus-bun named Buddy!
Hello. My name is Callyx. I am a small, quiet and shy little lionhead mix girl.
I am still learning what it means to have safe place and people who are kind to me. I need to be with gentle, patient people who will help me heal.

I have already come a long way since I came to SaveABunny, but I would really blossom in a home where I will get tender love and care and personalized attention.

My humans abandoned me and I ended up at the San Francisco Animal shelter. I was terribly scared and lonely. I gave birth to two babies, but was too inexperienced and frightened to feed and care for them. I was recently spayed and am now ready to find a loving home.

Marcy and Rob at SaveABunny tried everything they could do to try to save my two babies, including bottle feeding and giving fluids, but it is hard to save newborns if the mom is not able to help. Sadly, both of my babies died.

I would really like a fresh start. I love my greens, my soft warm blanket and am very eager to learn to trust again. If you are looking for a very cute, little bunny, please consider me!

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