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Shelter of Origin: 
Antioch Animal Services
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Hey! They call me Button! Whatchu lookin’ at!? You lookin’ at my cheeky face? You lookin’ at my little itty bitty nose? You lookin’ at my thumpers? You know they’s my feet? You lookin’ at my pointy bunny ears? You lookin’ at my wee white paws? They give you pause, these paws? You lookin’ at my raspberry eyes?

Oh, you are? Oh… I… no one has ever said yes before. Well… good! ‘Cuz I’m pretty nice to look at, aren’t I? Yeah! I’m also pretty nice to play with, you know! Now, why doncha think abouts adoptin’ me!

I'm currently being housed at Rohnert Park Animal Shelter waiting to be adopted.