Status: Sanctuary
Shelter of Origin: Petaluma Animal Shelter
Location: SaveABunny

Hi. My name is boyfriend, because I am Marcy's (SaveABunny founder) boyfriend bunny.

Yes, please don't tell the other bunnies, but we have a special relationship. If someone wants to adopt me, Marcy is going to be even pickier than usual!

I am a young, exquisitely, handsome neutered guy with dense, plush rex fur. I am muscular and solid, not a little mini guy! Marcy and I watch TV together and take naps for hours at a time. Maybe I would do that with you if you adopt me if we'd have to have the right "chemistry."

Marcy loves me, but is conflicted because she wants to adopt me for herself, but also has to keep space available to rescue other bunnies in need. Marcy's experience at SaveABunny are bittersweet, because she has to make tough choices about whom can be rescued and rescue space is precious.

So, we'll see. Maybe I can stay here with Marcy, however she loves all of us bunnies so much that she wants what is best for us. If you can provide me with an amazing home then that is she wants that for me.

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