Status: Adopted on Mar 1 2012
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: SaveABunny

Note from SaveABunny founder:
Bolo has some special medical needs and we have worked with Harvest Home rescue to take one of their rescues to place and they have taken in Bolo. Please contact them at to learn more about Bolo.

Hi! My name is Bolo and I am a friendly, spayed, middle-aged gal. I like to get attention and enjoy hopping around, doing binkies and munching on yummy greens.

I'm listed as a special needs rabbit because I have a chronic weepy eye. We've tried all sorts of medications and flushing the tear duct while I am under anesthesia, but nothing cures it. So, it's likely I will be this way for the rest of my life. What that means is that who ever adopts me will need to monitor my eye to make sure it doesn't get worse and be able to get me the vet care I might need.

I am a happy girl who seems to get along well with other bunnies( a boy,please), so if you have a special needs bun who is looking for a lady friend, please visit me soon!

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