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Big Sur

Special Needs
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

Hello there, my name is Big Sur. I would greatly appreciate if you would stay a while and sit with me. In fact, I see you are equipped with not one, but two hands for petting.

Perhaps I might convince you to use them? For petting my head?

You see, if there’s one thing I love the most in this big buniverse, it’s getting my forehead rubbed. And I’m not afraid to ask for such attention, no I’m not! So if you could apply your petting devices to my head, that would be most kind.

Oh, it’s ok, don’t mind my ears. They may be different from most bunny ears, but Marcy says they give me character! I think…. I think they might have come after that run-in with the dog I had when I was at that other place. Anyway, I’m at SaveABunny now and I couldn’t be happier! Well, I actually could be happier, you know, if someone super snuggly took me home with them.

Oh! I see that you are extra snuggable! Could I talk to you about adopting me? That would be so very wonderful!

I'm currently being housed at SaveABunny waiting to be adopted.