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Shelter of Origin: 
Antioch Animal Services

Don’t look now, people - I’m a dreamboat! That’s right, and the name is Bebop. Why don’t you pull up a chair and I’ll tell ya all about me? You better listen close, I ain’t gonna repeat myself.

Ya see, me and my brother Jitterbug here, we’re in a bit of a bind and we’re lookin’ to make a swing of things in the big city. So we’ve come on out to SaveABunny proper and set up shop. Ya see, we’s been lookin’ for a forever home, my brother and me, and we hear this dame Marcy is a real smart cookie for that kinda stuff.

So here we are, ya see, and this madam Marcy, she gots some real moxie - she already got a home for our dear sister Lindy Hop. So we just be figuring that any day, any day now, some cool cat is gonna come on by and there you go - we’ll be set as the sidewalk.

In the in between, Marcy has gots me with you fellas, so I can get the word out, ya understand. Ya see, my dear brother Jitterbug and I, we’s been here at this fine establishment since we was wee babes, just little ‘uns. So if any you cool compadres been thinking of having me join your crew, well you gotta know, there ain’t no Bebop without Jitterbug!

So whaddya say, fellas? Care to take on us fine rabbits and take us home? Whaddya say?

Photos with my brother and sis

Some photos from when I was a wee Bebop:

I'm currently being housed at SaveABunny waiting to be adopted.