Status: Adopted on Jul 26 2009
Shelter of Origin: Humane Society of Silicon Valley
Location: SaveABunny

UPDATE 3/21/09
Agent Squirrel needed dental surgery to remove a bad tooth.
He's doing great, but donations would be very helpful to help us cover his vet bills.
Thank you!

Psst...My name is Agent Squirrel. I'm Secret Agent Squirrel operating under deep cover to change the minds of people who might be thinking of buying vs. adopting a rescued rabbit. My mission, should I choose to accept it---which I already have, is to use my cuteness to educate and persuade people that the most compassionate and cost effective way to bring a bunny into the family is to adopt from a rescue or shelter.

It's true---the most amazing, cutest, fabulous bunnies are actually available through rescue groups and shelters. Look at me---I'm a tiny, ADORABLE, Netherland dwarf!

If you want to save lives, save money and be "green" adopting , not buying is the way to do it. Pet stores are so "cold war" era and uncool. And hey, we're already spayed and neutered saving you hundreds of dollars!

So, do the right thing, the cool thing and adopt a rescued rabbit.
Maybe even me!

I just arrived at SaveABunny and am being evaluated since I have some funky bumps under my adorable, little bunny chin. Hopefully, nothing's up and I am ready to go to a great home.
Check back soon to learn more!

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