Status: Adopted
Location: Foster Home

We'd like you to know...
Tina is one of the amazing rabbits rescued as a very young baby from a large scale rescue effort in Watsonville of 53 rabbits living in horrible and filithy conditions. These baby bunnies have been loving cared for and handled since they were very young. They enjoy lots of attention and are wonderful rabbits. We'd like to adopt them in pairs, or as a companion for another rabbit.

For more information contact this website or you can meet the bunnies at their foster home in Sunnyvale at For Other Living Things, an incredible store offering compassionate earth friendly supplies for animals.

1261 S Mary Ave
Sunnyvale CA, 94087
Phone & Fax (408)739-6785
Meet Tina! Named after Tina Turner, she brings with her some of her name-sakes? best qualities. She has survived where others would not. She is growing into a lovely adult bunny. Full of style and grace.

Little Tina enjoys people a great deal. She also enjoys living with her sister, Lena. Tina is looking for a home for 2, a home for Tina and Lena together.

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