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Denae Tu

Jun 28 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I've found a forever home with a great family that really appreciates my gentle spirit and loving personality. We're going to be very happy together!

Hi.My name is Danae Tu. The fine folks here at SaveABunny like the name Denae so much that I'm actually Denae number two--- or in my case "Tu." The other Danae was already adopted a while ago.

I heard that the reason they like the name Danae so much is that it is such a pretty, dainty and lady-like sounding name. That's perfect for me. I am a GORGEOUS, delicate, small spayed mini rex girl with lush cream-colored fur with a hint of gray. Big doe-eyes brown eyes with beautiful lashes.

A special friend of SaveABunny who was visiting from Denver said that I was one of the most beautiful rabbits she had ever met.

I'll let her tell you about me:
"I can't stop thinking about wonderful Danae and how very sweet she is... if our airline permitted bunnies in the cabin, I might very well have tucked her into my handbag, as you joked about.

It's weird how that can happen sometimes. I've met oodles of very sweet bunnies over the years that I wasn't tempted to take home, but sometimes it seems like there is a connection. I sure hope she finds a wonderful home with someone who understands bunnies... she is truly special.

At first she was shy in her cage and retreated to the very back corner. Once I had her in my arms she just melted. She tucked the top of her head under my chin for kisses and rubs. I could feel her heart rate slowing down with every pet I gave her. She is a very sweet girl and has the capacity to be a very affectionate companion.

I really appreciated that although she was frightened by my hands reaching in and trying to catch her, she never tried to box or nip me, as some rabbits may do. But the best thing was, when I put her back in her cage, instead of retreating to the back again, she came right up to the door and put her head down so that I could pet her some more. What a doll!"

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