Status: Adopted on Jul 18 2009
Shelter of Origin: Martinez Shelter
Location: SaveABunny

We've found our forever home...Yeah!

Hi. We are Coral and Seashell.Coral is the darker red little girl.
We are tiny,very pretty, spayed Netherland Dwarf girls who both weigh well under three pounds. Our ears are teeny-tiny and we have the most adorable, little smooshy faces. Not much info is known about us, because we were abandoned in the night drop box at an East Bay shelter. We have breeder tattoos in our ears, so we are sort of "fancy girls", but we're not snobs. We think all bunnies are amazing, not just purebreds like us.

We are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. We love each other very much and really enjoy snuggling together. Don't worry, we will always have plenty of love left over to share with you.In the spirit of "sharing", we hope our cuteness will offset that we are still learning to use the litter box. We're trying!
Look at how CUTE we are !

Please watch our video < ahref=""> Video Link

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