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Apr 19 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.

I've been adopted by a great family! We're going to have so much fun together...Yeah!

Hi. My name is Fezziwig. I am named after Mr. Fezziwig, a character from the Dickens book, A Christmas Carol. I am a REALLY nice, handsome and gentle, neutered boy---perfect for either first time rabbit lovers or experienced rabbit guardians.
I am now all healed up from injuries that I had when I arrived at Oakland Animal Services. I received medication and lots of tender loving care at SaveABunny and am now ready to find my forever home.
I am truly a special boy.


Mr Fezziwig was the proprietor of a warehouse business for whom Ebenezer Scrooge worked as an apprentice.
Scrooge revisits Fezziwig with the Ghost of Christmas Past, during the Fezziwigs' lively Christmas party. Fezziwig is one of the few people to whom Scrooge is thankful, for he says that Old Fezziwig could make life a great, burdensome pain for them, yet he makes it joyous. Scrooge is reminded how much he once appreciated Fezziwig.

Since Fezziwig is Scrooge's opposite in many ways — in kindness, generosity, affection for his employees, relationship with family, and apparent happiness — Scrooge is thus confronted with the fact that his own choices have diverged greatly from those of someone he admires.

You can make a great choice by adopting me! I am kind, loving and
affectionate. Please meet me soon.