Status: Adopted on Feb 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: SaveABunny

I found my forever home! Here is an update from his adopter:

>>Hello everyone at SaveaBunny!

I am Blanco's caretaker and just wanted to give you guys an update on how my baby is doing. I have re-named him Mellow, simply because I felt it was more fitting and because, well lets face it, he's a mellow kind of guy. The day after adopting him we took him to the vet in Oakland for just a general check up and they had so many wonderful things to say about him. He is perfectly healthy, he's just a little chubby, he's suppose to weigh 6 pounds and he weighed in at 6.8 pounds. His teeth look great and they really loved how gentle and calm he was.

Mellow eats his hay like a pro, he absolutely loves it when I bring him his green salad at night time. Mellow is extremely curious, he is very loveable and I love that I picked him, rather he picked me. But he is quite stubborn and does not listen at times, so unfortunately he gets time outs in his cage, but overall he is doing great and we have quickly bonded. Thank you everyone at SaveaBunny for helping Mellow and I find each other.
I am a white and black spotted bunny and am a total snugglebug bunny.
You could cuddle me all night. I would love to sit next to you while you watch a movie and you could pet me for hours. I have obvious best-friend potential. I am an extroverted lover boy.

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