Status: Adopted on Sep 13 2008
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: Oakland Animal Services

Adopted to be the friend for a cute white bunny that Jojo couldn't stop kissing!
I am a beautiful, plush rex bunny boy. I have soulful brown eyes and cute little wiggly whiskers. I am a little shy, but curious, and love to spend time with people. I love to be pet and to play peek-a-boo from inside a box or a bush!

A bunny bit my ear when I was little, so I have a notch in my ear - it healed a long time ago and doesn't hurt me at all, but it makes me look tough. Don't be fooled, though - I'm not a tough guy at all! I am a lover boy looking for someone to love!

Check out my video and more photos!

If you would like to come meet me, please come to Oakland Animal Services - see our website for hours and directions.

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