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Aug 21 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Oakland Animal Services

Adopted to be the friend one of our volunteer's rabbits. Her rabbit lost her friend to cancer, but now with Thorn she won't be lonely.
Thorn is a perky, inquisitive little rabbit boy. He is a small bunny.
He's not your average rabbit - Thorn is an adventurer to the core.
He is bold and curious, and always doing funny things that make the volunteers giggle.

White rabbits with pink eyes are often at the shelter the longest.
Don't be put off by Thorn's eyes - once you get to know him, you'll see what a dapper, charming rabbit he is!

Check out Thorn's video on his Petfinder page! Did you see his cute little face when he sniffed the camera?

If you would like to meet Thorn, please come to Oakland Animal Services - see our website for hours and directions: