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Marco Polo

marco polo.jpg
Aug 1 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

Hi, it's me - Marco Polo. My foster mom says I'm cuddly, affectionate, and absolutely adorable. I am perfectly potty trained and have never had an accident in the house. I love to investigate, as you can see from these photos of Eli, an umbrella cockatoo, and me. You can also see that I'm a rather small bunny. Although I'm small, I have a terrific appetite. Sometimes, Ali (a moluccan cockatoo) and I decide who is going to eat what. She's bigger, but I'm quicker to decide.

My foster mom tells me that she loves me and that I am absolutely beautiful.
She holds me in her arms and sometimes I snuzzle up and go to sleep. Besides eating and sleeping, I like to run and play. One of my favorite things to do is to jump up on the couch, jump off, run around the room, and then jump back up to sit on my foster mom or dad's lap. I like to run around and kick my back feet up, because I'm a happy bunny.

Please consider me for your very own bunny. I'm really a terrific guy!

8/2008 - I've been adopted into my forever home. He's a very kind-hearted human who is very happy with my perfect litterbox habits. I'm in a large apartment with full AC to keep me cool and comfortable. I like to lay on the floor next to him when he's studying. I'm sooo happy. Thanks SaveABunny for helping me get that second change at life and love.