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Mr. Magoo

Sep 23 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I've been adopted!

Hi. My name is Mr.. Magoo---perhaps you've seen the classic cartoon? If not, you should really see it, because it's a very funny cartoon! Anyway, with my adorable squinty eyes and sort of grumpy old man ways, I really am the bunny incarnation of Mr. Magoo. I am just so darn cute!.

As you can see from the photos, I am a handsome, rumply looking brown agouti , neutered boy. I'm definitely an older gentleman, though I refuse to tell people my age, so they just have to guess.The way I look at life is that I reserve the right to ever so gently express my opinions on matters, since I have been around the block a few times.

When I arrived at the San Jose shelter I was a mess and clearly had not been well-cared for. I had a bad case of mites, which has now been treated and I was very thin and dirty. I had been fending for myself and I was tired and needed help. Lily, a very special South Bay SaveABunny volunteer and medical doctor saw me at the shelter and took me under her wing and into rescue. I am so grateful. She saved my life. She says I am very smart and had already started to clicker train me!

As you can see from these photos, I was bathed, shaved and groomed upon my arrival at SaveABunny and am looking "fine" if I so say so myself. My ideal home would be with an experienced rabbit guardian who is Ok with an older bunny. I am still very active and outgoing and love my food, but I look older, so it's best to assume I am likely a senior bunny.

Lily fostered me for a few weeks until she needed to help rescue another bunny and so now I am ready for adoption at SaveABunny in Marin County. Actually, Lily loved me very much and wanted to keep me, but realized that there are so many other bunnies in urgent need of help that it would be best to adopt me out , so she could help the next rabbit in need. It's bittersweet for us both.

Anyway, sniff, sniff, I really want to be loved and spend my golden years with someone who will treasure me and always keep me safe. Please adopt me!.