Status: Adopted on Jan 24 2008
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted by two great bunny Dads, Eric and Larry. I am so incredibly happy!

UPDATE 12/18/07
WOW! Look at me now. I am very active and doing really well. Plus, don't I look handsome? I'm ready to be adopted. Please visit me soon.
I want to find my forever home to run and play!

UPDATE 8/17/07
Trooper is making real progress and is starting look better and act like a happy bunny!

Hello. My name is Trooper. The volunteers at SaveABunny just took me in from the San Francisco shelter and think of me as a brave , little Trooper.

This photo does not even begin to show the neglect I endured. Right now it's hard to tell that I am actually a mostly white colored bunny. My fur is dirty and soaked with urine from being in a filthy cage. Right now I am just tired and depressed and I cringe and expect the worst when someone tries to offer me kindness and pet me.

I do respond to gentle touch and soft words and it won't take me long to learn that humans can also be caring and kind when they choose to be. Just wait and see. I will soon be a healthy gorgeous bunny with grooming, good diet of hay and veggies and some TLC.

I a sweet, neutered guy who is ready for a fresh start and new life with people who will protect and treasure me. Won't you please love me?

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