Status: Adopted on Apr 17 2009
Shelter of Origin: Marin Humane Society
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted, and I have a new hus-bun named Jack. We're very happy together!

Hey you... Adopt Me! Love me! Worship Me!
That's right. It's all about me. I am a gorgeous girl, older woman with personality, looks and rabbitude.

I am a bold girl with confidence and opinions. Velveteen rabbit? Peter rabbit? Oh please.... they are for kids. Whoever adopts me must love my spirit and not want to break my will or change me. I am a great rabbit for someone who truly appreciates the complexity of rabbits and is wiling to let me be me. While I can be a bit feisty at first---especially if you touch my stuff, I'm actually a very loving girl who can be held and petted for hours.

The key to my heart and trust is respecting that I am a bit protective of my cage. I also feel most secure and comfortable with people who are experienced and not hesitant with handling rabbits.

I have so much love to share with the right person.
Won't you please give me a chance?

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