Status: Adopted on Sep 1 2007
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

I just found my forever home and a bunny girlfriend named Cloud!
Hi! My name is Rigby. I am a very handsome, tawny and white colored neutered Dutch boy with one blue eye and one brown eye. I am very unusual looking. I'm also a nice bunny. My energy level is high, so I'd do best in a home that has a lot of space for me to run and play in a bunny-proofed way--no outdoors for me, thank you very much! You will want to cover your electrical and phone wires with hard plastic tubing and remove any plants I might want to taste. Domestic rabbits like me can't tell what's poisonous and what's not, so you need to keep us safe.

I am happiest when people talk with me and stroke me lightly. I enjoy being petted, but like most rabbits I would prefer not to be held and carried around. It is scary!

So, if you want to meet a really good looking bunny with a lot of personality---that's me!
Please visit me soon.

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