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Mar 18 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
Berkeley Animal Services

I was just adopted along with Kerrie also from SaveABUnny! More photos coming soon!
Update 1/20/07
Tony had successful surgery to remove his four incisor teeth and the two peg teeth. Tony had an extreme case of malocclusion where the teeth do not meet and he was unable to eat or groom himself without tooth trims every two weeks.
Tony is receiving antibiotics and pain medication for about 7 days and then he will be ready to go up for adoption. He'd really like a girlfriend, and we are considering pairing him with the original diva here, Blossom. So, if you want to introduce Tony to your bunny--act soon!
Tony's adoption fee will be $250 to help offset some of the expenses of his surgery and allow us to help other rabbits in need.
He's a GREAT , little guy. Please visit him soon.

HI! My name is Tony. I am an unbelievably cute, neutered Netherland dwarf boy. I'm about 4 years old and when you hear my story, I know you are going to want to help me. I'm pictured here with Lisa, SaveABunny's new webmaster.

I was recently surrendered to an animal shelter along with my longtime bunny mate. There was a mix-up at the shelter and my mate was adopted without me. The person who adopted my mate did not want to adopt me as well, because I have a malocclusion and need to either have my teeth trimmed monthly, or will need to have the front teeth pulled, so that I can eat and groom myself like a regular rabbit.

I became very depressed at the shelter, so they called SaveABunny to ask for help in both finding me a loving home and new mate, as well as to get me the dental care that I need.
I am an adorable, very small bunny who craves love and attention. I am interested in finding a forever home and new mate and I really hope to you either adopt me or help sponsor my veterinary bills while I am at SaveABunny .If my teeth need to be surgically removed, the estimate is $500-$600.

If you like to donate to help me, we'd all be incredibly grateful, and it would help SaveABunny help more rabbits in need... You can donate using Paypal by Clicking Here
You can send checks to:

P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94942